Seven Reasons To Be Confident For The Week Ahead

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Barcelona Offside

The only good thing about playing Chelsea-Real Madrid-Chelsea in a week is that at least it’s not Real Madrid-Real Madrid-Real Madrid in a week, thank heavens and UEFA draw. A tough stretch of games always requires fan support and optimism to counter all the dreadfully pessimistic facts Pep is no doubt going to lay on us during the pressers ahead (“It’s impossible to win the Liga unless all the planets align and there are bats sightings during the day” “We haven’t won against Chelsea in like…ages”). Well, not to worry, here are some reasons from us as to why we should be confident for the panic-attacks inducing week ahead.

(1) First of all, be aware we have Cesc. If all else fails, he will unleash his Football Gods Appeasing Dance to turn the tide in our favor, even if the opposition goal keeper is left emotionally scarred for life. A missed free kick or two later, goals will flow like water (Barca goals that is). Do not fear.

Cesc's antics made us giggle. We are pleased. Grant them a goal.

(2) Pep Guardiola has not yet renewed. Sorry, take a deep breath, BREATHE. Good. We were not trying to bring on palpitations. We just thought when Pep looks like he does below at the sidelines, the team tends to up their level a bit. They like having Pep in charge. What if he left, and somehow by some cruel twist of fate, they ended up with Maradona as coach next season? If that thought isn’t shocking enough to send your eyeballs rebounding off the back of your head, remember Diego sleeps with Mourinho’s phone number next to him on his bedside table. Yeah, that will go well for Barca. You never know, the Football Gods have a weird sense of humor.

And I'm willingly contemplating going through all this for another year?

(3) Messi is getting some rest on the football field.


(4) Puyol can walk on air. This is a welcome development and is bound to help in our defending against set pieces. It’s still bound to be a chaotic mess with a lot of players running around no one really knowing where the ball is (before it ends up in the net that is), but maybe Puyol can spring up into the air and clear the ball away before it reaches Busquets. opposition players.

(5) Our free kicks are getting better (and better) and better. Our inside sources inform us this is due to a new strategy that Tito Vilanova has come up with. It’s a 2 part plan really.
(a) Don’t let Dani come within ten feet of the ball.
(b) Try to think how Dani will take it and do the opposite.

And it’s working!

"To the moon or at the wall? Decisions!"

6. Iniesta. That’s all.

7. Player Depth. Yes, you read that right. We did say player depth despite needing to borrow from Barca B to fill the bench sometimes. The only upside to our dangerously thin squad is having players that are willing to play multiple positions and a manager with a fascination to try out all possible permutations and combinations.

Pep: "In the worst scenario, we play Messi at goal, VV at CB and Pique up front. Got it?"

8. We have only eight or nine games left this season. You know what that means? MascheGol has to happen, and fast. That’s one goal accounted for already, apart from the customary one Leo scores in every game. Yay!

We’ll end this post like we always end these kind of posts.

Ref: "I don't think I've ever argued with so much football talent at the same instant ever before! "

Sleep tight!

  1. jayne says:

    lol i love these posts

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